Diana is speeding on the Autobahn
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some screenshots of this video:

"Diana speeding the Autobahn" (58:45 min)
- Lamborghini Gallardo
- starring Diana
- some curvy mountain roads and the German Autobahn
- a lot of nice driving scenes
- a lot of nice shots of Diana's face while driving ...
- some exclusive pedal pumping close ups (ca. ~10 minutes)
- a lot of great picture-in-pictures scenes with pedal pumping (ca. 20 minutes)
- in total about 30 minutes full of great pedal pumping shots
- fast driving on the Autobahn with 240 km/h (149 mph)

This video contains of 3 parts with 3 different outfits:
1. Outfit: elegant short black dress with black mules
2. Outfit: Bikini-Top, short jeans skirt and barefoot
3. Outfit: Schoolgirl-Outfit with short skirt, white top, stockings and silver high-heels