Speeding on the Autobahn 2
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some screenshots of this video:

"Speeding on the Autobahn 2" (26:20 min)
- Porsche GT3 (stick shift)
- starring Julia and Linda
- Julia is speeding on the Autobahn with the Porsche GT3
- she drives up to 308 km/h (191 mph) - with great outdoor and indoor shots
- in the meanwhile Lindas car broke down on a lonely highway ... and she waits for help
- leaving the Autobahn and driving through the countryside, Julia sees Linda, stops and offers her a ride ..
- Linda is thrilled! She loves the Porsche and is totally fascinated. She desperately wants to her the engine sound pure ...
- So both girls take their turns in revving up the engine of the Porsche ... (revving part of about 2 minutes with lots of nice pedal pumping shots of both girls)
- Then the girls get started and they are speeding the Porsche on some great highways and country roads (... leaving lots of cars behind them ...)
- lots of great different angles and close ups: outdoor locations shots, driving scenes and nice shots of Julias body and face while driving and shifting the gears and Linda as fascinated co-driver ...