Hot Summer Day
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some screenshots of this video:

"Hot Summer Day" (33:30 min)
- BMW Z8 (stick shift)
- starring Jessica and Stefanie
- before the 2 gorgeous girls starts driving on this hot summer day, they first enjoy the engine sound pure
- about 4 minutes revving with Jessica and lots of great close ups of the pedals and the exhaust system
- then Jessica starts speeding on some curvy mountain roads
- during the drive we can see lots of great different angles and close ups: outdoor locations shots, driving scenes, pedal pumping close ups,
nice shots of Jessicas body and face while driving and shifting the gears and Stefanie as fascinated co-driver
- during a stop the girls open the convertible top and now Stefanie takes her turn in revving the engine (about 3:30 minutes)
- then the exiting drive goes on - now only in bikini tops!
- and again with lots of different scenes and angles ...!!
- some exclusive pedal pumping close ups
- great driving scenes, also outdoor location shots